Mezzanine Pitch (4)

To Book the Bar or Hall Contact:  Mick Behan (Treasurer) 087 6173831

To Make a Pitch Booking or Skills Wall Booking Contact:  Mary Roche at or 087 2422100.

Pitches and Skills Wall Booking Policy/ 

  • The Calendar for each pitch and skills wall will revert to zero at the beginning of each new year.
  • Bookings for matches will take precedence over training bookings.
  • Bookings are taken on a first come first served basis –  if there are unfortunate clashes the respective Coaches should resolve the matter.
  • Where match clashes occur it is the responsibility of the Co Board or the Mentors to resolve the matter.
  • Pitches and skills wall must be booked for all activities taking place.
  • The Pitch Booking Administrator will endeavour to confirm that all bookings/changes have taken place.
  • All new bookings should be checked by the Booker to ensure that all is in order.
  • The Chairperson or person delegated by the Chairperson will inform Mary Roche when or if pitches are unplayable.  In the event of a sudden change in weather rendering the pitches unplayable, common sense should prevail.